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Announcing the "Moved By You" program! (logo coming soon) We want to support individuals that have had a tragic event in their lives, and are looking to do something athletic to dedicate to the loss/tragedy of a loved one.

Through donations, we want to sponsor your entry into a race, and would like to share your story to social media to inspire others that may have a similar experience.

We are also looking for athletes/coaches to keep you accountable and to help on the journeys of these individuals, if you are interested in helping, being involved, or sharing your story, please contact us below!

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All donations will go directly to the entry fees for the stories we select to share.

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Sponsorships and donations are vital for an athlete. Training costs, equipment costs, and travel are a regular part of an athlete's budget. For Modern Pentathlon, this cost is multiplied by 5!
Here are some of the main costs incurred for my training: Total Yearly Cost - $18,775/year (plus $4,933 equipment cost) + 10-12 weeks of missed work


All donations, great or small, really matter to my training! Donations can be accepted via PayPal towards my expenses. 100% of donations go directly towards the expenses I incur. $2 buys me athletic tape, so any amount is appreciated!

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